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Fast and secure solutions for high priority transactions

Whether you’re a retailer of luxury goods, in the equipment rentals business, or selling age-restricted products, EVS can help you prevent fraud and unauthorized access to your products without slowing down transactions. We offer document and age verification, chargeback prevention and biometric verification, all within a modular platform that lets you add the solutions you need – and nothing you don’t.

With EVS, you can quickly and accurately validate the identity and credit card ownership of an individual purchasing a luxury good at time of purchase, and even access cross-industry consortium data for a deeper, more accurate risk assessment. We also offer frictionless document verification and ID verification for purchases of age-restricted products, and our integration with FACTA, USA PATRIOT Act and Know Your Customer (KYC) enhances compliance efforts while helping you prevent identity theft and fraud.

Highly customizable solutions to meet your specific needs
Layer products to create bespoke Identity Verification and Compliance solutions within the BlueAssure platform and set detailed thresholds using the industry’s most customizable controls to prevent fraud and drive revenue.
Ensure accuracy
with EVS

EVS’ suite of identity verification compliance solutions are intentionally designed to ensure the protection and security of consumer data. Our reputable data sources verify the accuracy of the information to help clients in complex and highly-regulated industries prevent fraud for more than 23 years.

Real Service
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When you choose EVS as your identity verification and compliance partner, you get really great service from real people. You’ll have direct access to a U.S.-based phone support center, hands-on product deployment and consultation, and guidance on integration. You’ll also receive up to 10 hours of direct consultation.

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