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Online Security Trends to Watch in 2023

From identity theft to account takeovers, today’s consumers and businesses alike are at high risk for online security breaches. Criminals are targeting companies across every industry, including health…

FinTech Regulations: What Your Business Needs to Know to Stay Safe and Compliant

Financial Technology (FinTech) institutions are required to comply with special regulatory laws regarding data privacy, consumer safety, money laundering prevention, and cyberattacks.  …

Protect Your Company with Business Verification Know Your Business (KYB)

For the past 20 years, Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations have helped drive and improve fraud prevention strategies for companies around the globe. The original KYC  requirements were…

Customer Onboarding: How Your Brand Can Increase Revenue and Remove Friction

In the not-so-distant past, onboarding new customers was an in-person task. Simply put, onboarding is the process of integrating and familiarizing a new customer or client with a…