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Cloud Platform and API

Integrate Identity Verification
and Compliance Solutions

The intuitive BlueAssure platform from EVS enables your team to create identity verification and compliance solutions tailored to your policy. When paired with AssureID, you can compare consumer-provided information against multiple data sources to verify a customer’s identity in a single, seamless transaction and identify high-risk individuals through fraud alerts within the BlueAssure online portal or in native applications using the frictionless API.

Make Real-Time Changes

BlueAssure allows you to easily customize every product to align with your evolving risk management policies. Make optimizations in real-time through the online portal and see changes reflected immediately through the API.

With an intuitive platform, integrated suite of products, and the most customizable compliance controls in the industry, BlueAssure helps you enhance customer acquisition, prevent fraud, and drive revenue.

  • Multiple data sources
  • Real-time changes
  • Comprehensive Data
  • Dynamic KBA

Our full suite of modular, intelligent solutions are tailored to fit your existing policy with direct API integration, so you’ll never have to choose between convenience and compliance. By layering EVS products within the BlueAssure Platform, you can create bespoke fraud prevention solutions and set detailed thresholds using the industry’s most customizable controls. You can even make optimizations in real-time and see changes immediately reflected in your native applications using the BlueAssure API.

  • Cloud-based Platform
  • Frictionless API Integration
  • Intuitive Web Portal
  • Batch Transactions
Tailor solutions to your policy, not the other way around.
Layer products to create bespoke Identity Verification and Compliance solutions within the BlueAssure platform and set detailed thresholds using the industry’s most customizable controls to prevent fraud and drive revenue.

Only EVS lets me layer the products I need to create the right solution for my business. I love having that ease and flexibility without sacrificing security.

One of the industry’s only providers to utilize multiple data sources

In a single, seamless transaction, EVS accesses multiple reliable data sources to verify your customer’s identity and information, returning the most accurate results with the fewest false positives.

Using the intuitive BlueAssure cloud platform from EVS, you can adjust you policy using the online portal and see changes implemented in real-time through the API.

Ensuring the highest level of security

EVS’ suite of identity verification and compliance solutions is intentionally designed to ensure the protection and security of consumer data. Our reputable data sources verify the accuracy of the information, with end-point encryption and encryption at rest to ensure all consumer data is secure and protected. EVS systems and data centers are secure and audited for compliance.

All Industries


Banking, Financial and
Insurance Services

Our modular, intelligent solutions help you stay ahead of changing regulations and increase customer acquisitions without sacrificing security or speed.


Fintech and Payment

For businesses wanting a more robust chargeback and fraud prevention strategy, EVS offers a full suite of modular, intelligent products that can be layered, tailored and scaled to create a bespoke solution that meets your specific risk tolerance needs.


Gaming and Betting

From casinos and online gaming to fantasy sports and sports betting, EVS meets a diverse array of gaming needs while delivering an intuitive interface for the industry’s quickly growing base of Millennial consumers.



Age-restricted products, such as alcohol, tobacco, and vaping products, as well as age-restricted venues (bars and clubs) and businesses (rental cars and homes) have complex and ever-changing compliance requirements for sales and marketing, both online and in-person.


Retail and E-Commerce

Whether you’re a retailer of luxury goods, in the equipment rentals business, or selling age-restricted products, EVS can help you prevent fraud and unauthorized access to your products without slowing down transactions. 



In just a short time, digital technology and cloud-based computing has transformed the healthcare industry, making the protection of patient privacy more important than ever.



With so many institutions offering distance learning and online education programs, it’s of the utmost important to have methods in place to ensure that students receiving educational credits are the same individuals that have completed all academic requirements.

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Real Service
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When you choose EVS as your identity verification and compliance partner, you get really great service from real people. You’ll have direct access to a U.S.-based phone support center, hands-on product deployment and consultation, and guidance on integration. You’ll also receive up to 10 hours of direct consultation.

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