Auto-Fill Forms


Streamline customer onboarding by accurately and quickly auto-filling forms using an image of the back of a government-issued ID (driver’s license or passport). Identifiable consumer data can also be validated, making age verification easier. Layer AssureFill with other products in the BlueAssure platform to meet your business’s specific compliance requirements.

Key Features

  • ID Document Validation
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Individual Characteristics
  • Integrated Consumer+ Verification
  • ID Document Characteristics 
  • Integrated Watch List Scrubbing
  • API for Integration


With EVS, you can easily layer products within the intuitive BlueAssure cloud platform to create bespoke identity verification and compliance solutions and set detailed thresholds using the industry’s most customizable controls. Direct API integration allows you to make optimizations in real-time through the online portal and see changes reflected immediately through the API.

AssureFill makes it easy for my customers to register on our mobile app.

Often Used With

All related products EVS offers


Comprehensive Identity Verification in the U.S.

  • SSN Verification
  • Residence Verification and History
  • High-Risk Alert
  • Age Verification
  • Consumer Data-Match Profiling
  • Phone Verification
    (SMS / Programmatic Voice Authentication)
  • Watch List Screening


Phone Verification using One-Time-Password (OTP)

  • Phone Verification
  • Owner Authentication
  • Phone Reputation 
  • SMS / Programmatic Voice Authentication
  • One-Time Passcode (OTP)
  • Works with Mobile, Landline and VoIP


Age Verification

  • Cross-references multiple data sources
  • Quick verification in a single transaction
  • Seamless API integration
  • Frictionless onboarding and transactions
  • Protects minors from age-restricted commerce
  • Meets KYC, AML, and COPPA compliance requirements


Watchlist / Sanctions Screening

  • Screens multiple lists (including OFAC, FinCEN, Sanctions, OSFI, SAM, Us Dept. of Commerce, and more) in one transaction
  • Matching Thresholds
  • Batch Processing
  • API for Integration
  • Custom Watch List Capabilities

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