Dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication (DKBA)


AssureKBA, our Dynamic, Knowledge-Based Authentication (DKBA) product, lets you quickly and accurately authenticate an individual with a series of challenging multiple-choice questions to which an individual has not previously provided the answers, such as addresses or automobiles previously associated with that person. One of the most accurate and reliable DKBA solutions available, AssureKBA isn’t reliant on credit history, so even thin-file and unbanked individuals can be asked questions.

Key Features

  • Authenticates individuals through a series of multiple-choice questions
  • Uses information not previously provided
  • Can be used for thin-file and unbanked individuals
  • Provides greater customer privacy than static security questions
  • Can be used to help meet KYC and AML compliance
  • Delivers fast and accurate verification for frictionless onboarding


With EVS, you can easily layer products within the intuitive BlueAssure cloud platform to create bespoke identity verification and compliance solutions and set detailed thresholds using the industry’s most customizable controls. Direct API integration allows you to make optimizations in real-time through the online portal and see changes reflected immediately through the API.

The way EVS built AssureKBA allows us to have complete control, we have stopped fraud, and the process is seamless for our customers.

Often Used With

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Auto-Fill Forms

  • ID Document Validation
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Individual Characteristics
  • Integrated Consumer+ Verification
  • ID Document Characteristics 
  • Integrated Watch List Scrubbing
  • API for Integration


Payment Verification and Chargeback Prevention

  • Credit card number verification (full number, BIN Number, or last 4)
  • Consumer data credit card verification (name, address, zip, phone number) 
  • Facilitate account creation 
  • Account Takeover prevention 
  • Proactive chargeback prevention 
  • Fraud Alerts


Age Verification

  • Cross-references multiple data sources
  • Quick verification in a single transaction
  • Seamless API integration
  • Frictionless onboarding and transactions
  • Protects minors from age-restricted commerce
  • Meets KYC, AML, and COPPA compliance requirements


Phone Verification using One-Time-Password (OTP)

  • Phone Verification
  • Owner Authentication
  • Phone Reputation 
  • SMS / Programmatic Voice Authentication
  • One-Time Passcode (OTP)
  • Works with Mobile, Landline and VoIP

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