Department of Homeland Security Appoints Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity

It was announced today the United States Department of Homeland Security has appointed a new Deputy Under Secretary for
Cybersecurity for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD). Through
this position, Mark Weatherford, will allow the Department of Homeland Security
to better carry out fraud prevention solutions and their mission to create a safe, secure and
resilient cyberspace.

According to the release, Weatherford has an extensive
background in cybersecurity, information security, identity
, and led the Navys Computer Network Defense operations and
the Naval Computer Incident Response Team.

Weatherford will start in mid-November.

Greg Schaffer, who has served as the Acting Deputy Under
Secretary for Cybersecurity for the past five months helped to build the
Department of Homeland Securitys cybersecurity capabilities and strengthen
their partnerships with the private security. Schaffer will resume his position
of Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications.

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