Don’t Wait for the Enforcement to Begin

I’ve spoken with several companies recently that have chosen not to take the steps necessary to meet compliance because the regulations were not currently being enforced.  It is not surprising that it takes time for government agencies to begin enforcing new regulations as those agencies get the operational and logistical requirements of enforcement up and running (government agencies are hardly known for rapid change).  It is surprising, however, that companies would take the risk of remaining non-compliant while they wait to see enforcement activities begin. 

For many regulations the penalties for non-compliance are assessed per instance (e.g. per transaction, per customer), and the timeliness of enforcement is rarely (if ever) a consideration in the penalties that can be assessed.  Companies that await evidence of enforcement are likely stacking up many instances of non-compliance that could result in severe penalties. Small businesses are the most likely companies to take on the risk of remaining non-compliant for a number of reasons; including lack of budget, fewer stakeholders trying to minimize risk, and lack of internal expertise to implement the necessary changes.  Unfortunately, small businesses are also less likely to be able to absorb the major penalties they may incur. 

For regulations relating to identity verification, age verification, or watch list screening there is no reason for companies of any size to take the risks associated with non-compliance.  EVS works with businesses of all sizes, and provides cost effective solutions to remain compliant that are easy to implement and flexible enough to fit within your existing operations. 

If your business is one of those waiting for enforcement to begin, then stop waiting.  Don’t put the time and money you’ve invested in your company at risk.

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