Fizen Technology Partners with EVS to Revolutionize Banking and Lending Solutions


Fizen Technology Partners with EVS to Revolutionize Banking and Lending Solutions

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) and Fizen Technology, a global IT outsourcing and technology partner. This strategic alliance is set to redefine the world of banking and lending solutions, offering a unique blend of innovation and advanced security measures that will undoubtedly benefit businesses and clients alike.

Jared K., Managing Principal of Fizen Technology, expressed his excitement for this partnership by stating, “We at Fizen Technology deeply value our wonderful partnership with EVS. As a leader in proven identity verification, fraud protection, risk mitigation, compliance, watchlist, and business verification solutions, we are confident our solutions have the data needed to ensure client satisfaction.”

Eric Knapp, President of Electronic Verification Systems, echoed the enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled that Fizen has chosen our product to be integrated within their platform. This exciting partnership allows us to expand our reach beyond our own clients and deliver our exceptional services to a wider audience. By collaborating with Fizen, a leader in IT solutions with extensive knowledge of the banking and finance industry, we can offer unparalleled identity verification and fraud prevention solutions.”

So, what does this partnership mean for the banking and lending industry? Let’s break it down:

Enhanced Banking and Lending Solutions

Through this collaboration, Fizen Technology can seamlessly integrate their advanced platform with EVS’s industry-leading identity verification and fraud protection solutions. This integration empowers clients in the banking and lending sector to meet their specific needs more effectively, ensuring streamlined operations and heightened security throughout their processes.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

By combining the expertise and data sources of EVS and Fizen Technology, the partnership ensures a higher level of data accuracy and integrity, reducing the risk of false positives and improving overall verification results. In an age where data integrity is paramount, this is a game-changer.

Streamlined Compliance Processes

The partnership between EVS and Fizen Technology enables seamless integration of compliance processes, allowing clients to efficiently meet regulatory requirements and mitigate potential risks in the banking and lending industry. Compliance just got a whole lot easier.

As we move forward in this exciting partnership, we anticipate it will bring cutting-edge solutions to the banking and lending industry, ensuring clients can navigate an evolving landscape with confidence and security.

We couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities this partnership holds for our clients and the industry as a whole. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this journey together!

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Join us as we revolutionize the world of banking and lending solutions!

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