Hitting a Home Run

In part 1 I discussed how those in the Fantasy Sports industry (same theory can be applied to any industry) who aren’t playing by the rules are only going to aid the regulatory bodies (states and federal) in their overall scrutiny of the industry; and those regulatory bodies will have real-life scenarios to back their reasoning for the imposing of steeper fines, passing of stricter laws and worst of all, outlawing games of skill.

One hot topic currently in the industry is the location of the individual.  Due to different laws/regulation regarding Fantasy Sports state by state, there is chatter in the industry regarding how to verify the location of the individual…address verification versus Geo-location.  For example, Daily Fantasy Sports is illegal in Kentucky, all anyone in Louisville, KY would have to do is literally drive (or walk) across a bridge, they would be in Indiana where it is legal, create the account and based on Geo-location, they could play…how would that be legal?  Whereas address verification would verify where the individual lives not just where they currently happen to be.  True/real address verification seems to be the only legal option that actually makes sense because now the Fantasy Sports providers know exactly where their players live and not take the chance of allowing players to play in states where the playing is prohibited. 

Another component of Fantasy Sports is age verification – after all, you can’t have underage players.  The only way to truly verify the age of the players is to obtain information about the individual like their name, address and DOB.  Believe it not, just asking someone to enter their birthday is NOT age verification…it’s just something EVERYONE lies on (even those who are really legal age…lie). 

And another component of Fantasy Sports is verifying the SSN for individuals that win over $600 for IRS reporting.  Wouldn’t it also be good to know is the SSN provided also belongs the individual playing?  Or if the SSN was reported as receiving death benefits (the last I knew Ghosts don’t usually play Fantasy Sports)? 

With EVS, all the challenges / compliance requirements the industry faces, is just what we do (it’s easy for us).  In one single transaction (which literally takes a matter of seconds) we can verify the address of the individual, verify the age of the individual, verify the SSN of the individual and yes, even more! EVS will give you the peace of mind of knowing who you are players are while not hindering your players play time.  No reason to take the chance of striking out, call EVS today and learn why EVS is the Grand Slam solution.  

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