Determining The Need For Drivers License Verification

Drivers license verification is a hot commodity and theres
a confusing maze of offerings to pick from. We often find clients think they
need drivers license verification, but simpler, and cheaper, solutions may fit
the bill. Other clients absolutely need drivers
license verification
but often get sidetracked by the lack of complete
solutions available. Our drivers license verification suite helps improve
identity verification and authentication for industries such as banking,
insurance, online gaming and other age-restricted products. It can help ensure
individuals are who they claim to be and prevent fraudulent transactions. The
suite has the ability to perform true drivers license verification in 20
states in a virtual environment, at point-of-sale, on mobile devices and more.

Since consumer privacy and data laws are delegated at the
state level, its unlikely well ever see uniform, national access. Until then,
here are four questions you should ask when deciding on DL verification:

Is this for compliance,
fraud prevention, or both?

Some industries mandate DL
verification. In most fraud prevention efforts, identity verification will work
better than license verification.

Online, in-store, or both?

Some solutions require in-person
scanning (fixed scanners or federal access) while other solutions work without
the person present.

Which solution will fit my budget?

Traditional identity verification
costs per transaction, where ID scanners require a heavy capital investment
upfront. Your solution should also meet your cash flow limitations.

Where are my clients (or clients
clients) located?

Just like in real estate, its
location, location, location. 20 states allow drivers license verification
online, 8 allow high security access in-person, and all 50 states allow
identity verification.

There are numerous types of drivers license verification
products available today, from scanning to full-blown background checks. This
product is revolutionary in that it has DMV access and does not require the
purchase of any additional equipment, hardware or software. Make sure youre
truly addressing your needs before implementing costly solutions. Finding the
right mix of services for your business is our job. Contact us
to discuss your needs today.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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