Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) to Launch Mortgage Lender Compliance Package

Louisville, KY. (10/17/2012)

Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) is excited to announce the release of its latest product, the Mortgage Lender Compliance Package, a mortgage-specific addition to the signature EVS IdentiFraud Consumer Platform.

The Mortgage Lender Compliance Package will directly serve the mortgage industry by providing a one-stop solution for identity verification during the mortgage process. Due to the increase in identity theft in recent years coupled with the housing crisis, banks and mortgage lenders are using more caution when lending individuals money for homes. EVSs new tool will help banks ensure that not only is the potential lendee in good credit standing, but is who he or she claims to be.

When underwriting receives the mortgage application, Vice President of Client Services at EVS, Eric Knapp, said, the lending agency can quickly and easily perform their identity due diligence all in one platform.

Mortgage Lender Compliance Package will function as an add-on to the current IdentiFlo Management Platform and will work seamlessly with mortgage watch lists to provide accurate information in a matter of seconds.

This new product is the first of its kind for EVS, which, in the past, has not provided services that are so industry-specific. EVS says, however, that because there was such a great need for a product like Mortgage Lender Compliance Package, the company wanted to make its mark early in the mortgage identification market.

Historically, EVS has never built an industry-specific product, Knapp said. We currently have some clients in the mortgage industry and saw a need to develop a watch list solution product for that industry. We listen to the feedback from our clients and strive to offer new and innovative solutions for them.

To learn more about the Mortgage Lender Compliance Package, the IdentiFlo Management Platform or about other EVS services, contact Eric Knapp, VP of Client Services, at (866) 491-5665.

About Electronic Verification Systems

Electronic Verification Systems is a leading provider of fraud prevention solutions designed to help businesses combat identity theft, control costs, satisfy governmental regulation, and support audit and control requirements. With major clients in the financial services, retail product, brokerage, education, insurance, and corporate security industries, Electronic Verification Systems provides powerful and innovative solutions to businesses and organizations across the world.


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