Electronic Verification Systems Launches IdentiFlo Management Platform-06-20-2011

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (June 20, 2011) Electronic Verification Systems (EVS), a leader in fraud prevention solutions and id verification systems, launched its IdentiFlo Management Platform on Monday, June 20th.

The IdentiFlo Management Platform grants full control to the client. The client will have control over their users experience by utilizing the administrative control features to setup standard internal users and monitor transactions of internal sales people, companies they service as well as the end consumer. The IdentiFlo Management Platform has robust security tools, product control, reporting and an internal support ticket system.

The IdentiFlo Management Platform is a great way for a company to take identity verification processes in-house, but with the expertise and support of a long-standing fraud prevention company, said Patty McCormack, Account Manager at EVS.

The IdentiFlo Management Platform allows the client to manage the user accounts, set the access levels, as well as see login and activity times. The user can also determine their own options for the account, setting password policies and IP Address restrictions.

From within the IdentiFlo Management Platform, the client will also have the ability to run manual transactions for all solutions, which are: IdentiFraud Consumer+, IdentiFraud Corporate and IdentiFraud International. In addition, the client will have the ability to add or modify solutions from within the platform. This capability will give the client access to any and all information they need for identity verification and authentication.

In addition to running manual transactions, all of the different solutions can be integrated so the process is completely automated. The client can white label EVS so their customers will never see the program is facilitated by Electronic Verification Systems (EVS).

The Identiflo Management Platform will instantly deliver the ID Verificationreports, speeding up the entire process while having fewer people involved. The company will have access to all the information they will need at any time.

When reviewing the transaction history, the client can recall all transactions with a simple search to verify the transaction ran successfully. Since security is a top priority at EVS, very little of the end consumer information is ever stored on the IdentiFlo Management Platform.

The IdentiFlo Management Platform is your one stop solution for all your identity verification and authentication needs.

About Electronic Verification Systems: Electronic Verification Systems is a leading provider of fraud prevention services designed to help businesses combat identity theft, control costs, satisfy governmental regulation, and support audit and control requirements. With major clients in the financial services, retail product, brokerage, education, insurance, and corporate security industries, Electronic Verification Systems provides powerful and innovative solutions to businesses and organizations across the world.


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