EVS Contributes to Internet Safety Month 2013

The National Cyber
Security Alliance
(NCSA) has declared June Internet
Safety Month
and continues the efforts of the Stop. Think. Connect
campaign. As a domestic and international provider of online identity
verification and authentication
, EVS is proud to support these efforts and
contribute to safer online usage. Whether its monitoring your childrens
online activities or changing your passwords, any small effort to make your
online experiences safer can help support the NCSAs campaign for safer
Internet use.

Protecting yourself and educating others about the risks of
online fraud and identity theft can help prevent your friend and family from
the inconvenience of these crimes. While knowing the risks on internet fraud on
the personal level is very important, its also very important that businesses
and corporations do their part to participate in these efforts to eliminate online
fraud. Often times, fraud can best be prevented and detected at the business
level. If companies make an effort to learn about and participate in the Stop.
Think. Connect. campaign, they can help stop fraud at a larger level. By implementing
a strong fraud
prevention strategy
that includes identity verification and authentication,
companies can stop anyone who is trying to make fraudulent transactions, think
about letting them into the system or not, and only connect with users with
authenticated information.

[Contributed by EVS marketing]

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