EVS Enhances IdentiFraud Consumer+ Solution

Louisville, KY- (12/16/2015) Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) has announced enhancements to the IdentiFraud Consumer+ identity verification solution.  These enhancements are geared towards providing greater detail in consumer data match results and increased simplicity and flexibility in analyzing the results of identity verification transactions.

IdentiFraud Consumer+ now provides hundreds of possible match combinations grouped into 5 levels of confidence.  The enhanced solution boasts improved fuzzy search and match logic, which will increase the already high match rates within IdentiFraud Consumer+.  This latest launch also offers a client-customizable workflow, further simplifying results by automating the review of consumer data matching results based on client selected criteria.

EVS’ EVP of Product Evolution, Scott Million said, “The new matching structure, combined with the simple workflow capability offered within IdentiFraud Consumer+ makes it easier for clients to review the results of consumer data matches, while also providing greater flexibility in evaluating the granular details of these matches.  These latest enhancements are part of our continuing commitment to providing our clients with value, simplicity, and flexibility for identity verification.”

The new enhancements will be immediately available to all clients using IdentiFraud Consumer+.  Existing integrations will continue to function without interruption for current EVS clients without any action required.

Additional information about IdentiFraud Consumer+ is available at

For more information on identity verification solutions offered by EVS or partnership, please contact Eric Knapp, EVP of Client Development, at 502.814.1020. 

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