Google Takes Steps to Stop Malware

According to the Google Online Security Blog, they recently
found some unusual search traffic. Upon investigation, they determined the
computers were infected with malware, which is malicious software. Google has
not said what he unusual search traffic was, however they have made an effort
to notify the users about fraud prevention systems.

The infected users send traffic to Google through proxies.
What Google is doing to combat the malware is putting a notification at the top
of their browser when these infected computers come to Googles site. While not
fool proof because there are concerns the malicious companies will mimic the
notification, it is at least an attempt to combat the cybercrime.

In the notification, there is a link that will take the user
to fix the situation. Google cautions to only click on links that you are
familiar with and can verify identity.
For more details on the malware, please visit the Google
Online Security Blog



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