Lack of Fraud Prevention Online Causing Consumer Fear

One of the worst things to ever happen to brick and mortar
stores was the Internet, and one of the worst things to happen to Internet was
ID theft. As our shopping carts have transformed into a little icon in the
upper right hand corner of a website, our lives as consumers have gotten a lot
easier. Thats not to say this convenience doesnt come with its headaches.

Online shopping poses an increased chance of Identity theft
that makes consumers uneasy. More than half of the participants surveyed in a Consumer
Payment Poll, admitted to abandoning a purchase at the checkout due to
rising concerns about sharing personal data. Some of these concerns also
involve the sharing of personal information for other uses such as junk mail or
reselling. This is bad news for e-commerce.

While mobile payments (m-commerce) are quickly on the rise,
not everyone is ready for it. So, what can the e-commerce industry do to remain
relevant? By increasing their fraud prevention
, companies can help relieve some of these consumers woes. One of
the most important additions to companys fraud prevention measures is the use
of Knowledge
Base Authentication
(KBA). This will help to secure a persons identity
online because it ensures that someone is who they claim to be. Some fraud
prevention solution providers, including EVS, use real time
that never store a consumers information. This guarantees
that the personal information is not reused or resold.

So, help relieve your consumers worried minds and look into
a more in depth fraud prevention solution. Happy shopping!

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