Presidential Cyber Security Plan Includes Identity Management

This week President Obama took action towards his national
effort to make cyber
a more pressing issue. He
called a meeting with some of our nations largest companies to discuss how
increasing cyber threats are affecting our economy and country as a whole.
Obama and the CEOs of these major companies covered everything from how we can
improve cyber security to what to do in times of a threat. One of the more
interesting learnings that was established was the concept of its ok to
admit to a problem. Many parties involved in this meeting agreed that it was
long over due. This is a huge step as a country toward bettering and increasing
our online security for citizens and businesses. Assessing the risks is just as
important as recognizing there are risks. After many years of wishing away the
issue of cyber
, were finally admitting and addressing it. President Obama has always supported the idea
of focusing on cyber
and as some may remember, in 2009 he issued a 10-point
cyber security action plan

In this 10-point plan, the president refers to our digital infrastructure
as a national asset which it is. Companies should follow this thinking to
analyze their current business models. If the nation treats online security as
a priority, businesses will follow. A strong fraud prevention
is needed in order for companies to follow this national
undertaking. This plan also specifically addresses identity management. Identity
and authentication are at the root of all fraud prevention
measures. If an unidentified person and/source can be detected earlier on, it
can prevent further damage and entrance. Detection is often the first step to
prevention. Third party providers and security companies will need to invest in
their solutions more than ever as companies come to them for services and
education. As this national effort comes to fruition, business models will
change and hopefully so will our habits as consumers.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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