Retailers Must Safeguard Against Fraudsters for Holiday Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already kicked off the holiday shopping season. To avoid the mall and store crowds, customers may prefer to shop at online retailers. Consumers face fraud risks online and shopping in-stores; however, there are various ways that retailers can protect customers and their information from getting into the hands of fraudsters.


Three EVS solutions that can help businesses protect against fraudsters include ID Verification, age verification and authentication question generator.

ID Verification is a premium fast solution that helps companies verify a person’s identity by matching them with unique data points. One of the many features of ID Verification allows companies to collect as specific information as they would like. Whether companies want to assure the legitimacy of transactions, transferring funds or modifying accounts, ID verification saves businesses time and money. 

Wine, beer and other types of alcohol can be gift options for online holiday shoppers, which can easily be shipped to a friend or family member. Therefore, age verification is an essential product for all controlled substances and age-restricted products. Businesses can use the age verification product to prevent minors from entering the website and accessing restricted content. Age verification allows businesses to support quote and proposal processes based on date of birth data.

The authentication question generator provides an anti-fraud barrier for companies by creating multiple-choice questions that cannot be easily found on the Internet or in a person’s wallet or purse. This is crucial with the amount of information that a person has on them and on social media. In using the authentication question generator companies can easily identify if a person is who they claim to be and frustrate fraudsters that try to impersonate them.

It is important that companies protect customer data all year around. In addition to the three solutions above, EVS has numerous products to help retail businesses safeguard against fraudsters. 

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