Security Poverty Line Can Be Crossed With the Right Solutions

Many small businesses are being deprived of adequate
security measures not because they are too difficult to obtain, but because of
one simple reasonmoney. This break in the soci-economic status of businesses
creates a security poverty line that leaves some companies behind in
protection. As Nather mentions in her article Why Compliance Cant Create Security, if a company does not have the money for
IT, their security will suffer in multiple different ways.

Companies that may not have the funds for superfluous fraud prevention
measures may make the mistake of compiling all their information in one server,
or not at all. They then run the risk of the server being breached or lost.
Certain mandates suggest processes for online transaction authentication to
prevent these risks from overtaking a company. One suggestion is the use of
resellers that can provide security measures for a company in safe manner.

Using third party fraud prevention company such as EVS can help small
companies cross this poverty line by offering ID verification and
authentication to businesses of all sizes in all industries. EVS also uses real
time transaction verification, which sends out the information to our data
providers as soon as its received and never stored to minimize the risk of a

If you feel its time to cross the poverty line or just
feel its time to look into another ID verification and authentication solution, contact us.
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