The Benefits of Drivers License Verification

In September 2013, New York implemented a new
of drivers licenses in an effort to make them more secure. This was
done in hopes to start preventing underage drinking and reducing identity
fraud. Although New York is making an effort to secure identities, others
arent. Businesses need to be able to verify a customers age by their drivers
license, both for off-line and online activities. Drivers license verification
comes into play in many circumstances making verification extremely helpful in
preventing fraud within many age-restricted services.

The expansion of our drivers
license verification
suite has allowed us to help improve identity
verification and authentication for industries such a banking, insurance,
online gaming, alcohol related services and more. The verification solution has
the ability to perform true drivers license verification in 20 states in a
virtual environment at point of sale, on mobile devices and more. By
implementing this expansion businesses can perform age verification, address
verification and drivers license verification from DMV files for their
clients. The increased identity verification provides further security for the
business and its users. Having technology that doesnt have to keep up with
various versions of drivers license formats, like a scanner does, is very
beneficial and cost effective. On top of verification factors available, the
solution is extremely affordable to meet any business budget.

Drivers license verification quickly and easily confirms an
individuals drivers license information using a website interface. This
product may be implemented either as a standalone process or as part of your
companys website or internal system. Some industries such as banking and
insurance have extremely strict compliance guidelines, some of which mandate
verifying the information on drivers licenses. With this expansion, you can
now meet compliance regulations. The system matches key data points to state
drivers license files, such as street address, name, and phone number. While specific
data points are required to perform the id
, this product is easily customizable and expandable, allowing
for the collection of data points relevant to your specific need or industry.

Any business looking to verify age based on drivers license
information for an online purchase or activity can avoid fraudulent
applications, orders and other online submissions by enhancing their fraud
prevention solution, while also driving revenue through faster transaction
approvals. If you have any questions about drivers license verification or
fraud prevention contact us.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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