The President Issues Down Payment Toward Comprehensive Cyber Security

During his State of the Union Address, President Obama
signed the first executive order in regards to cyber
. The order requires the US federal government to share cyber
threat information with infrastructure owners as well as provide businesses with
support for IT security best practices. The president addressed the country
with the rapidly growing cyber threats we face in todays day in age such as
identity theft and hackings. The US hopes to start building a cyber defense by
sharing more information, and developing standards that will protect our
families, businesses, and privacy. Many see this executive order as a down
payment towards more comprehensive cyber
security legislation
. Businesses and concerned citizens can find a full
copy of the executive order online.

This is not only exciting news, but news that many
businesses have been waiting for. The
country is finally starting to see and treat online
with the same level of caution as physical threats and harm. The
truth is, online activity is very much a part of our lives as US citizens and
we are finally on the right path to addressing this growing issue. From
identity theft to data breaches, online fraud
is more vital now than ever. As America makes an effort to move
more information online, we need to assess the risks that come with it. What
once was just a fad is now clearly here to stay and the digital revolution
needs protection from all shareholders and the government. This is a giant step
in the right direct. Now we, as business owners and consumers, must do our part
by learning the risks at stake and doing what we can to prevent
online fraud
. As this order starts to come in to implementation, businesses
will hopefully start to see the benefits and importance of a strong fraud
prevention solution. This matched with the support from the federal government
will help ensure a safe nation not just online but over all.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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