A Better Way to Prevent Fraud

Mobile payments and online shopping is changing the consumer
buying experience and altering their habits. The innovation in technology makes
it possible to buy whatever you want, whenever you want. Not to mention, the
more connected consumers get with each other through mobile devices the more
dependent theyll become on technology. Customer-not-present transactions are
becoming the norm for many retailers and businesses. As a result, businesses
are increasingly finding way to interact with customers where neither party is
physically located in the same place. With this there is substantial
opportunity but also a lot of complications.

Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention

has grown into a global process. As businesses evolve so do
fraudsters. They are constantly changing their tactics making it imperative
that organizations do so as well in order to stay ahead of new fraud trends. By
being innovative about your fraud prevention plan you can better defend your
business and customers. Proving an identity is no longer sufficient given the
sophistication of fraudsters. Organizations should partner with a fraud
prevention solution that goes well beyond simple identity verification in order
to detect and deter fraudulent activity. Make sure the program you choose
easily configures to your current strategy and is flexible for the future when
identity verification and fraud could go head-to-head. Solutions like IdentiFlo
Management Platform
allows the flexibility to quickly make changes that
directly controls the approval/decline process without having to rely on IT
resources or customer service.

Staying connected and collaborating with industry experts is
a great way to facilitate trends and ideas. The key to successful fraud
prevention is utilizing a solution that works while also making connections
that can act as a resource for monitoring fraudulent trends and activity. EVS
is here for you and can help you fight against fraud.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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