Advanced ID Detection Partners With EVS for More Effective Identity Verification

Louisville, KY- (08/21/2013) Identification Verification System, Advanced ID Detection, partnered with Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) to help improve their overall identity verification process for their users nationwide. EVSs offering helps to ensure individuals are who they claim to be through the use of IdentiFraud Consumer.

Advanced ID Detection is an id verification provider for bars, liquor stores, nightclubs, gaming floors, law enforcement, high-security buildings and high-end retail stores. The increased identity verification that EVS provides can further secure user verification.

According to EVS Vice President of Client services, Eric Knapp, It always fun to work with client who is innovative and willing to make a statement, which is exactly what Advanced ID has done by adding EVS identity verification solutions. Knapp states that, Advanced ID is our first client in the ID verification space and it has been exciting to see our product being utilized in their industry. We are proud to call them a partner and cant wait to see how they will take ID verification to the next level.

EVS proudly calls Advanced ID a partner since July 2013, and will continue to serve as a resource and industry expert. EVS will benefit the client as well as the industry by now being able to offer a foolproof ID + Identity verification solution. A clerk at a liquor store will no longer have any customer confrontation due to someone attempting to use a real ID but not theirs. The ID may pass the ID verification, but the customer will fail the identity verification. says Knapp.

For more information on EVSs fraud prevention solutions or partnerships, please contact Eric Knapp, EVS Vice President of Client Services, at 502.814.1020.

About Electronic Verification Systems

Electronic Verification Systems is a leading provider of fraud prevention solutions designed to help businesses combat identity theft, control costs, satisfy governmental regulation, and support audit and control requirements. With major clients in the financial services, retail product, brokerage, education, insurance, and corporate security industries, Electronic Verification Systems provides powerful and innovative solutions to businesses and organizations across the world.


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