Breach Report: Apple and Amazon Learn a Lesson in Online Security

Its hard to believe that two online giants would face any
type of issues, especially ones involving security and consumer
satisfaction. Just a few days ago, both
Apple and Amazon faced a serious security
due to a hacking of reporters iCloud
. This breach did not just call for new passwords, but a whole new
approach to online security. In Honans very detailed blog,
he takes some responsibility for this hacking because he had all of this accounts
daisy-chained together. What is also quite frightening is that most consumers
link their accounts together for convenience as well, making this crime open to
anyone. Honans data on this iPhone, iPad, Macbook, AppleID, gmail, and Twitter
were all tamper with or completely erased. This is where the real damaged happened
Amazon gave out a partial credit card number that Apple later asked for, for
authentication. Happy hacking.

This seems to be a reoccurring problem that is only getting
worse in terms of the type of information hackers are taking. Some bloggers and
industry experts believe that Googles Two-Factor
will prevent hacking of gmail accounts by requiring
something you know and something you have. While the concept around this
implementation is on the right track, will it really work? And even if it
works, will people actually use it? Even though the feature is well thought out
around situations where you may not have that something with you, there seems
to be a major gap. What if a hacker knows
your password and has your phone?ID verification is coming more popular
as a means of fraud
but its the authentication that is key. The best type of authentication
is created based off valid information to create questions and answers that
only the true identity holder would know. With social media outlets and other
information sharing sites, questions like Where did you go to high school?
are no longer effective. That type of information is fairly easy to find on the
Internet. To better protect your consumers and your reputation, implement
identity verification and authentication into your companys online security

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