Breach Report: Dropbox Implements New Security Measures

Dropbox, an online platform used for sharing data between
devices, was recently confirmed breached after a two-week investigation. After
users began receiving spam-like emails, Dropbox
found that hackers accessed usernames and passwords through a third party. They
believe the spam started once the hackers got access to a Dropbox employees information.
A newly released blog
on the companys site outlines their advanced efforts to prevent this from
happening in the future.

While the company has done a great job at being completely
transparent about the issue, they are facing a major issue that many online
sites and businesses are dealing with. Its the same idea of getting a security
system installed AFTER your house has been broken into. While its great now,
it would have been even better BEFORE. Many companies think that preventing
online fraud
may be difficult or costly to implement, but compared to the
costs and complications of fixing
fraud, its well worth the conversation. Taking the time to implement a fraud
prevent strategy can save businesses a great deal of grief later down the road.
While the steps that Dropbox
and other companies are taking, such as sending reminders to change passwords
and logging account activity can help, they do not stop hackers that much more.
Passwords are becoming less and less important as Internet hackers get smarter
and as online activity increases.

Verifying and authenticating a persons identity before
allowing them access to an online account can help stop hackers in their
tracks. Even with someones username, password, and even address and credit
card number, EVS
can prevent a thief from moving any further. Authentication is key in a time
where faceless transactions and logins are happening every second of every day.
Preventing fraud may be something new to your company, or something you may be
looking into, but it well worth the cost to avoid a breach.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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