Cyber Summer Camps Prepare for Future

Cyber security and online security dominate headlines, whether the focus is on the government or private sector. Preparation, proper safeguards and training are key in preventing cyber attacks.

In response to the increasing need for training and education, the National Security Agency (NSA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) are joining together to fund GenCyber, a variety of youth cyber summer camps. 

From day camps to sleepovers, middle school to high school age students and girl to boy, the camps cater to different demographics. Programming, building computers and even drone flying are some of the subject matter included in the camps. The camps are growing at rapid speed, similar to the cyber security field.

Cyber camps that start at a younger age make sense. Professional soccer players and artists do not become successful overnight, he or she spends years learning, practicing and refining their skill set. By launching and growing programs like GenCyber, cyber security can generate a similar effect and inspire young people to take an interest. 

The NSA expresses hope that the camps can attract young talent, grow them and as a result, he or she may continue working with the government after graduation. However, while the organizations hope for this, the camps do not require any type of commitment from the sponsoring organizations. 

There is value in the camps, whether the students continue with the government, or moves to the business world. Businesses benefit because the students are knowledgeable and aware of the risks. No matter what the person’s position may be, knowing the proper safeguards will assist businesses in implementing a cyber security plan and software. The awareness and ability to explain the why, what and how, can convince a company to maintain security procedures and software.

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