Department of Health and Human Services Reports 18.4 Million Data Records Breached

In September, we wrote a blog about the TRICARE
data breach
, where over 4.9 million patients backup tapes were exposed to
parties that should not have been privy to the information; resulting in shared
based authentication
answers. As of October 25, 2011, the Office for Civil
Rights, which is in charge of enforcement for the Department of Health and
Human Services, has announced there have been more than 18.4 million reported
instances where a persons information has been accidentally breached.

This does not include the instances where the data breach
was smaller than 500 persons.

The consequence for companies when a data breach occurs is
the possibility of a monetary fine. In July of this year, the UCLA
Heath System
was required to pay a fine of $865,500.00 to the Department of
Health and Human Services because fraud prevention
were not adhered to.

So if you would like to make sure your hospital network is
compliant with all regulations, or you need additional id
solutions, we can assist you.

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