DigiNotar Files for Bankruptcy After Being Hacked

the company that was hacked in August 2011 and issued hundreds of fake security
certificates for Google, Yahoo! and more, has filed for bankruptcy.

When a company is hacked, it does not mean they will go out
of business. It all depends on the crisis communications plan the company has
in place, and how well they execute it. Smaller companies, like DigiNotar, didnt
release all of the details about being hacked, and failed to win the publics

However, when a company is hacked and provides information
to their customers as quickly and as clearly as possible, many times there is a
minimal consequence. Take Sony for example. I followed their communication to
their consumers, and they were transparent on what happened, when it happened,
what precautions to take, and provided information to the three credit
reporting agencies.

prevention systems
are the best way to combat ever having to face being
hacked. Update systems regularly, use complex passwords and change them on a
regular basis, and use dynamic knowledge-based
questions to retrieve passwords.

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