Dont Let Hackers Threaten Your Company

With an ongoing increase in Internet fraud, executives are
becoming more concerned with
cyber security and
online fraud prevention
. The lack of confidence regarding the
protection of online information is a widespread epidemic. Executives shouldnt
have to worry about losing intellectual property or company trade secrets
because of the vulnerability of their current systems. Surveys have shown that
one of the main concerns executives have is the fact that their companies
arent armed with the proper resources and technologies to stop cyber fraud. So
much so, that many executives and companies may not even be aware of an attack
on their system until its too late.

The good news is that protecting your business online has never been
easier. With solutions like
IdentiFraud and IdentiFlo Managament
, there are advanced technologies available to assist you. When
planning a fraud prevention strategy its important to remember that you must keep
customers personally identifiable information safe, like credit card data,
social security numbers and medical records, along with your companys
information. Having an incident response team in place equipped with the security
tools to save your data is also a crucial component in a
fraud prevention
If executives do not employ the right people and technology, their companies
are surely going to be the biggest targets to cyber hacking.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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