Driver’s License Verification More Important Than Ever

While the debate about requiring a state issued drivers
license in order to vote will be left for the states to hash out, it raises an
interesting issue for drivers
license verification
. A portion of the political debate is tied to the
security issue at hand. How can we as a nation decide that a drivers license
is a sufficient form of identification? Fake IDs are a notorious fad for
underage people who are attempting to access substances they are not legally
old enough to purchase quite yet, but they are now becoming a fad for another
group identity thieves. In fact, if the new
voter bill
gets passed, fake
drivers licenses
may become an even hotter commodity. What government
officials and companies alike need to keep in mind is that drivers license
verification is not a simple task. It can be very complex and has quite a few
roadblocks and considerations that may not be as obvious as one may think.

Not just drivers license verification, but identity
in general, is becoming an increasingly large issue for our
nation. Today our identities are defined by multiple criteria that are spread
across various documents, numbers, and online properties. Matching this with
online accounts, identities, and modern day technology is a perfect recipe for
identity thieves everywhere. As our identities become less concrete to define
our prevention measures will need to become more multifaceted. Identity verification is not as simple as
matching a name with a number, it involves testing different knowledge against
multiple different considerations. Fraud prevention
will also vary for different situations. What may help to identify
someones identity in one instance may not work as effectively in another
scenario. People take their identities
very seriously and we need to start treating our identity verification tactics
with the same concern and care.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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