Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) Launches Mobile Payment Identity Verification Solution

Louisville, KY. (06/19/2012) Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) is proud to announce the launch of its Mobile Payment Identity Verification solution. This offering, which is part of EVSs IdentiFraud Solution, will allow online retailers the same secure identity verification for customers purchasing from mobile devices.Because mobile payments are increasing in popularity among consumers, merchants must be able to find a ID verification solution that works across all consumer-not present sales channels, including tablets, phones, and other mobile devices.

EVSs XML integration will easily integrate into mobile applications or a WAP environment, Jeff Davis said. This will make mobile payment ID verification not only accurate, but fast, which means less wait time, and possibly lost sales, for the online merchant.

This mobile solution will offer clients the same age verification, ID verification, and dynamic knowledge-based authentication available for online or desktop Internet transactions.

One of the challenges with mobile payments is determining if the individual is who they claim to be, Eric Knapp, VP of Client Services at EVS said.Out of band authentication isnt enough of a deterrent, especially if the device is stolen which generally means the thief has access to email, text messages, etc.

As more consumers move to mobile platform to engage with online merchants, EVS understands the importance of having a complete and reliable ID verification solution for your mobile payment system.

The process of mobile ID verification needs to be fast, reliable and user friendly, Knapp said. EVS is all three with the addition of knowing exactly who youre doing business with

For more information on EVSs new Mobile Payment Identity Verification, please contact Eric Knapp at 502.814.1020.

About Electronic Verification Systems

Electronic Verification Systems is a leading provider of fraud prevention solutions designed to help businesses combat identity theft, control costs, satisfy governmental regulation, and support audit and control requirements. With major clients in the financial services, retail product, brokerage, education, insurance, and corporate security industries, Electronic Verification Systems provides powerful and innovative solutions to businesses and organizations across the world.


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