EVS Adds Enhancements to IdentiFlo Management Platform

Louisville, KY- (06/26/2015) Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) has announced the addition of new enhancements to the IdentiFlo Management Platform and all related identity verification solutions.  These enhancements include the addition of batch process scheduling and the addition of the Canadian consolidated Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) sanctions list to Watch List Screening.

The addition of the OSFI sanctions list to Watch List Screening within IdentiFlo allows clients of EVS that are conducting financial transactions within Canada or with Canadian citizens (including Canadian citizens residing outside of Canada) to search against Designated Persons to assist in their anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing compliance efforts.  As with existing Watch Lists within IdentiFlo, OSFI sanctions list screening can be performed independently or as integrated component of any EVS identity verification solution.

The addition of batch process scheduling allows EVS clients to set up one-time or recurring bulk transactions that will automatically run on a schedule defined by the client.  The enhanced batch processing is immediately available to all EVS clients, and works for all solutions within IdentiFlo.

EVS EVP Product Evolution, Scott Million said, “EVS is always looking for ways to better serve our clients.  These enhancements provide greater convenience to our clients using the IdentiFlo Management Platform while helping our clients to maintain compliance.”

For more information on identity verification solutions offered by EVS or partnership, please contact Eric Knapp, EVP of Client Development, at 502.814.1020.

About Electronic Verification Systems (EVS)

Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) is a leading provider of identity verification and age verification solutions designed to help businesses combat identity theft, control costs, satisfy governmental regulation, and support audit and control requirements.   With clients in the financial services, retail product, brokerage, education, insurance and corporate security industries, Electronic Verification Systems provides powerful and innovative solutions to businesses and organizations across the world.


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