EVS Welcomes New Client Georgetown Vineyards

Louisville, KY- (02/06/2015) Georgetown Vineyards, a family operated Ohio winery that sells various types of wines online including, dry, fruit, red, sweet, and white wines, has become a new client of Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) in order to better perform age verification for site visitors. Georgetown Vineyards allows customers to purchase from the online store on their website and will be utilizing IdentiFraud Consumer for identity verification. 

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau states that the company must have the proper permits and licenses, pay any taxes, and be concerned with the age restriction of the alcohol. Georgetown Vineyards will utilize EVS and it’s product IdentiFraud Consumer to ensure identity verification to prevent underage sales. Real Age Verification through identity verification is extremely important for age-restricted products, as self-verification methods (i.e. the 21+ button) have been proven ineffective at preventing sales.

EVS EVP Client Development, Eric Knapp said, “EVS is thrilled to work with Georgetown Vineyards. The award winning, family operated winery has shown they are serious about preventing underage sales of their wines, and we look forward to a long-term partnership with Georgetown Vineyards.” 

EVS is looking forward to providing not only simple but effective age verification. It will also provide Georgetown Vineyards with an audit trail that will allow them to document, and prove their due diligence in preventing underage sales.

Visit Georgetown Vineyards at or call 740.435.3222.

For more information on EVS’ identity verification or partnership, please contact Eric Knapp, EVS Vice President of Client Services, at 502.814.1020

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