Fraud Prevention for Your Hardware

In new findings, criminals are using keystroke
grabbers, also called keyloggers, on public computers to steal information.
In one case, a man stole the information of 150 people, which included names, birth
date information and social security numbers. With this type of information the
criminal was able to file tax returns for many and receive their money. A keystroke
grabber is a device thats inserted into a USB port and then connected to
the hardware. The keystroke gabber acts as a conduit between the computer and
keyboard. Not only that, but computers are blind to this hardware. You wouldnt
even know its there unless you check the back of the computer. The device
tracks the victims keystrokes which then provides a fraudster with account
access information, passwords, and other personal information that can be
utilized to verify an identity. The devices can be
used anywhere and can send data wirelessly back to a remote location.

malicious employee or even a member of the cleaning crew could use this device
in corporate offices and public facilities. All a fraudster has to do is get in
the door. To
protect yourself and your customers, we recommend checking your hardware on a regular basis,
especially if the computers are open to the public. Always scan your entire
system for viruses and spyware. Never log into personal accounts, type credit
card numbers or use confidential passwords on public computers.

Maintaining a fraud
prevention strategy
is an ongoing challenge most businesses face. Cyber attacks affect numerous industries and
criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to steal consumer information.
The more information sharing that can be facilitated, the more effective
fraud-fighting efforts will be. Increasing your awareness of these activities and protecting
your customers (as well as yourself) from identity theft should always be a top
priority. Reinforce your
fraud prevention
with education and awareness of the criminal activities that are
taking place.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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