Have You Planned Your 2012 Fraud Prevention Checklist?

As the end of the
year approaches, companies are examining budgets, tying up loose ends,
finalizing projects, and doing everything they can to survive the next few
weeks until the big ball drops. Beyond the clich resolutions, have you planned
for 2012?

In the article 2012 Compliance Checklist, the new compliance requirements are
discussed for the New Year. It touches on different guidelines from Securities
and Exchange Commission (
SEC)to suggestions for more continuous monitoring
of compliance measures. One of the most
important topics is the new guidelines issued by the Federal Financial
Institutions Examination Council (
FFIEC). As Jeff Davis, President and CEO of EVS, mentions in his blog, New FFIEC Guidelines-Time to Layer, companies are now expected to take efforts
beyond implementing multifactor authentication and must layer their practices
to ensure better
fraud prevention.

By using Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)companies can ensure an additional layer to their security measures. The IdentiFlo Management Platform can also help to manage your account and
security options as well as view transaction history. This will help to monitor
security practices as well as keep up with accountability. Regardless of what
your companys fraud prevention checklist looks like for 2012,
EVS can offer
integrated solutions to ensure the
ID verification and authentication that you need. Now thats
something worth celebrating.

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