How to Fight Account Takeover

Account takeover, one of the most malicious results of identity theft, continues to become a serious problem for both customers and businesses. The increase in Internet-based commerce and mobile payments provides a treasure trove of valuable information for today’s high tech criminals to steal. Even worse, data stolen once can be used multiple times as criminals use stolen information on different merchant sites. Once taken over, an account becomes a bonanza for the thief. There is also an active black market where stolen data is bought and sold. While gold was once the most valuable form of currency, data is now the most precious commodity.

Insufficiently protected data is an invitation to financial disaster. Thanks to the large amount of data existing in our increasingly interconnected world, businesses aren’t safe. Everyone from a tiny realtor to a multinational corporation can be at risk. To combat the increasingly dangerous threat of data piracy and identity theft, you need the most powerful ally in your corner. When it comes to fighting the forces of evil, EVS can have you back. Much, but not all of the talent resides with the criminals. With the best equipment and training, EVS can make a critical difference in protecting your business and customers’ data.

However, this plague is not all bad news. With the help of EVS, you can prevent huge financial losses from situations such as account data takeover breaches. Not only will EVS help you stem losses but also you can actually benefit from this crisis. If customers feel safer trusting their information to you, they will be more likely to patronize your business. Fraud prevention is not something to be taken lightly, enhance your system today. 

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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