How Your Digital Citizenship Helps With Fraud Prevention

Because its National
Cyber Security Awareness Month
, wed like to take some time
to educate you about digital citizenship.

Digital citizenship is defined as the norms of
behavior with regard to technology use. In a society full of technology, the
rules and social norms can be unclear in the digital space. Especially when
talking about identity thieves. They come in all shapes and sizes and with
online transactions its hard to identify these criminals. So what do you do?

Educate and inform your staff and customers about
digital citizenship, the importance of their safety online, and how they can be
digitally literate and ethical. For your company, you can implement more layers
to your
. Drivers
license verification
, identity
, dynamic
and more can help you keep fraudsters out and your data in.
Industries such as banking, online gaming, retail, legal and insurance all need
to be aware of the solutions available to enhance their fraud prevention

Information technologies have changed the world
in which todays businesses operate and grow. The resources available online
and the accompanying array of internet-enabled devices give businesses more opportunities
to learn, share, communicate and possibly have their data compromised by
fraudsters. Without the proper knowledge and plan, your company could fall
victim of a major crime and suffer a loss. Its important to have a strong
prevention solution
in place along with keeping your guard up for
suspicious activity, scams, and unfamiliar communications.

If you have any questions about fraud prevention
and online security, feel free to

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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