Kahuna Payment Solutions Upgrades to EVS IdentiFlo Management Platform

Louisville, KY. (08/29/2012)

Kahuna Payment Solutions, a provider of financing programs to a large variety of industries including retail partners in the furniture, sporting equipment, and automotive industries, recently became one of the first of five clients to move to the new Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) IdentiFlo Management Platform. Kahuna, who has been an EVS client since 2009, has used the IdentiFlo Management platform as part of its online financial programs since the launch of the new version in April.

The IdentiFlo Management Platform is a one-stop solution for ID verification and authentication services for retailers. Through the platform, clients are able to manage internal sales people, track client transactions and service, and more, all in a secure, trusted, online environment. Other features include unique log-ins for multiple users, administrative accounts through which users can manage not only company accounts but its individual users as well, and reporting features that allow users to easily pull custom reports based on a number of data points, including date, user activity, and product. We are excited to have begun the process of moving all of our clients, especially Kahuna Payment Solutions to the new platform, Eric Knapp, Vice President of Client Services at EVS, said. The new features just expand on the great services of the IdentiFlo Management Platform. To learn more about the IdentiFlo Management Platform or about other EVS services, contact Eric Knapp, VP of Client Services, at (866) 491-5665.

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