Livestream Users Need to Watch Out for Data Breach

Livestream Users got something other than cheer, when they opened up their e-mail accounts last week. While users were opening presents and enjoying the holidays, the streaming service contacted them regarding a potential data breach.

According to Engadget, the e-mail said, “ We are contacting you because you registered an account on Livestream. We recently discovered that an unauthorized person may have accessed our customer accounts database. While we are still investigating the full scope of the incident, it is possible that some of your account information may have been accessed. This may include name, e-mail address, an encrypted version of your password, and if you provided it to us, date of birth and/or other payment information….” 

When data breaches occur it is essential for businesses like Livestream to look at what went wrong and how they can prevent potential online fraud in the future.  Identtity verification is key is protecting customers and their information. EVS’ IdentiFraud Consumer+ is a popular solution for domestic identity verification.

IdentiFraud Consumer+ has a variety of tools from Dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) to age verification and more.

KBA is a simple yet cost-effective tool that helps businesses identify their clients, stay compliant and reduce fraud. This is accomplished through asking questions that are specific to the client and could not be found with a Google search or in a person’s wallet. Companies can use KBA with processing online transactions, deterring claims fraud, resetting passwords and more.

Age verification is an important tool, especially after the holidays if people received gift cards for their favorite wine, beer or liquor. It is essential for businesses to be able to quickly identify and verify a person’s date of birth. This tool can be integrated into an existing e-commerce platform.

From live streaming to liquor, businesses face numerous fraud and compliance risk daily. EVS’ tools can help small start-ups to large companies safeguard their company, customer and employee data for an affordable price. 

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