Man Arrested for Bank of America ATM Skimming

We haven’t heard much about ATM skimming lately, but police have arrested a man in association with ATM skimming, which is tough to spot sometimes.

After Bank of America employees made a report to the local
police to report a possible ATM skimming device on one of their ATMs, an
investigation began. Upon the end of the investigation, Ahmet Cilek was

ATM skimming is where a device is placed over the ATM
keypad, so it looks like it is a part of the machine. This makes fraud prevention
difficult because many of the skimmers fit the ATM machine seamlessly.

A fraud prevention
tip is to try to go to the same ATM because this will make it easier for you to
tell if something is not quite right. The changes can be minor, so it is best
to pay close attention as you go up to the ATM. The colors on the keypad may be
different, the size of the keys may be a little bigger or smaller, or the
layout is different.

If you notice a change in the ATM, do not use it. Then
contact the bank to see if they have made any changes to the ATM machine. While
they may have made an update to the system, it is better to be cautious than to
have your debit card information stolen.

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