New Apple Devices May Include Identity Verification

If consumers or businesses dont believe that fraud
prevention is important, maybe they will now that world-leading company, Apple,
is rumored to include fingerprint
on future devices. While nothing is confirmed, it shows that major
innovation companies are taking notice to the threats of identity theft and
fraud via mobile devices. This scanner
would be used as an extra layer of security to any future devices with this feature.
With apps, mobile web, email, and even pictures being so widely utilized on
mobile devices, they have inevitably turned into hot spots for fraud and
identity theft.

prevention for mobile devices
has been the next feat for many companies
that already have some type of online fraud
prevention plan
in order. Security across mobile devices and networks
functions a bit differently than online making securing mobile information more
difficult. The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently made the
first revision to the guidelines on mobile device security since 2008. This new
special publication is called the Guideline
for Managing the Security of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise
. This document outlines 6 steps to managing
security on mobile devices. This will help set standards and outlines for
companies utilizing any sort of mobile technology. As businesses move from the
online space to the mobile space, fraud prevention should always be included in
the process. After all, its much easier to prevent fraud than to recover from

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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