New EVS Client Scriptnetics Utilizes EVS IdentiFraud Consumer to Prevent Medical Fraud

Louisville, KY. (11/26/2012) Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) is excited to announce a new partnership with Scriptnetics, a leader in the electronic medical records industry. Scriptnetics will be using EVSs IdenfiFraud Consumer platform to further safeguard against fraudulent access to online medical record inquiries.

Scriptnetics is the first to use the IdentiFraud Consumer platform on its website in order to ensure that the physician requesting medical records is legitimate to prevent unauthorized access to medical records.

With the advancement in technology and more hospitals and doctors offices utilizing the Internet for patient information purposes, Eric Knapp, Vice President of Client Services at EVS, said, physicians must by law perform their due diligence to prevent fraudulent activity. The EVS knowledge-based authentication is key in preventing fraud as only the true ID holder would be able to pass the authentication.

This partnership is not only an opportunity to partner with other similar service providers, but gives EVS yet another opportunity to show how its services and platforms can help protect another category of consumers, health care consumers.

We are extremely honored Scriptnetics chose us to be their premier fraud prevention partner, Knapp said.We look forward to building a long-term partnership with them. The medical industry is making a shift to the Internet, and it is very exciting to be part of that shift with an industry leading organization.

To learn more about IdentiFraud Consumer, the IdentiFlo Management Platform or about other EVS services, contact Eric Knapp, VP of Client Services, at (866) 491-5665.

About Scriptnetics, Inc.

Scriptnetics Inc. with its product Medscribbler was the first to achieve for the healthcare market an electronic medical record, EMR, built specifically for the mobile and handwriting capabilities of the Tablet PC and Microsoft Windows. Medscribbler with its pervasive use of handwriting leads all other healthcare software when it comes to embedded handwriting and touch input for medical record creation. (

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