Nitro Vapes Chooses EVS as Verification and Authentication Partner

Louisville, KY- (05/28/2014) E-cigarette business, Nitro Vapes, has partnered with Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) to help verify and authenticate individuals through age verification and dynamic KBA questions. The goal is to verify the individual is of legal age before being allowed to purchase products. This will be done by using IdentiFraud Consumer to verify the billing and shipping address (if different) matches the individual.

Companies dealing with age-restricted products, be it tobacco related, alcohol, etc., need to perform age verification. The laws around what constitutes as age verification aren’t exactly clearly defined, but many companies, such as Nitro Vapes know the laws will be more defined and more regulation will be coming where simply entering a date of birth on a website wont be considered enough of a road block to prevent underage use.

According to EVS Vice President of Client Services, Eric Knapp, Many times, especially in the age restricted industries, companies only want to do bare minimum to prevent fraudulent and/or underage access; but that’s not the case with Nitro Vapes. Knapp states that, Mr. James Stevenson really wants to ensure someone under age cannot purchase products and by verifying the shipping address, and making use of KBA questions, really makes it virtually impossible for a minor to even get access to the products. It has been great getting to know Mr. Stevenson, and we are all looking forward to having him as a client for the long-timer.

EVS proudly calls Nitro Vapes a partner as of April 2014, and will continue to serve as a resource and industry expert. By implementing IdentiFraud Consumer and other products offered by EVS, companies in the age restricted industry can rest assured that no one under age will have access. By incorporating the Dynamic KBA capability, it stops an underage teen from using a parents information, as they wont be able to answer the questions. Just because the regulation may not yet require the use of products such as IdentiFraud Consumer, the industry at a minimum, should still follow the same standards in the card-not-present environment as they do in the card present. says Knapp.

For more information on EVSs fraud prevention solutions or partnerships, please contact Eric Knapp, EVS Vice President of Client Services, at 502.814.1020.

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