Oh, the Places Partners with Electronic Verification Systems for Identity Verification

Louisville, KY- (05/28/2013) Boutique vacation rental company, Oh the Places has partnered with Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) to further secure its online booking services. EVSs IdentiFraud Consumer product ensures customer identity prior to payment processing in order to prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

Oh the Places is a boutique vacation rental brand, connecting vacationers with luxury rental homes in unique destinations like Big Sky, Montana. Rather than a lengthy rental process for an exceptional rental home, Oh The Places makes the reservation process easy for travelers. The increased identity verification EVS provides has helped further secure the online booking process.

The use of EVS technology in the boutique vacation rental industry represents a great step forward for both the guest and the homeowner, Mike Kistner, partner at Oh the Places, said. Now an online, real time transaction can be processed with both parties having a high degree of confidence and security.

With the peak travel season just around the corner, EVS President Jeff Davis says Identifraud Consumer will help make the reservation process more secure without adding additional steps to booking.

We are constantly revamping our products to better fit our clients needs. The additional question set, for example, will allow our clients to not only ask more authentication questions, but also gives the ability to pick and choose questions that are more or less intrusive based on a particular need. Everyone at Oh the Places has been great to work with, and we look forward to providing them with identity verification products for many, many years.

For more information on EVSs IdentiFraud Consumer product, please contact Eric Knapp, EVS Vice President of Client Services, at 502.814.1020.

About Electronic Verification Systems

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