Safeguard Relationships with Partners by Implementing IdentiFraud Corporate

It is essential for corporations to safeguard their business-to-business (B2B) interactions. While the IdentiFraud Consumer is important for verifying consumer data, IdentiFraud Corporate helps with verifying and assuring the integrity of business partners.

Some IdentiFraud Corporate features that can assist businesses in securing relationships include building type verification, mixed use property verification, corporate data match, corporate high-risk alert and more. 

Building Type Verification is a quick and efficient way for an organization to determine the type of building specific to that commercial address entered. This can be extremely helpful in shipping, vetting and with distribution. This tool saves companies time and money through verification and prevents fraudulent activity.

Mixed Use Property verification is a tool that verifies whether a business is classified as residential, commercial or both. This tool can assure that vendors are not fraudulent. This easy-to-use product is a simple solution for processing transactions, avoiding high-risk transactions and performing due diligence.

Corporate Data Match allows a business to verify a commercial partner or vendor against data points that are specific to their business. Ultimately, this reduces a company’s liability risk when dealing with multiple businesses.  An additional feature is that it can prevent any potential improper use of customer data within a person’s company. 

Corporate High-Risk Alert is crucial for identifying businesses that work in certain industries. The product does this through verifying if a flagged phone number or address is being used. Typical uses for this tool include, managing large-ticket transactions, avoiding high-risk transactions, processing claims and ensuring compliance with Federal Regulations.

All of the IdentiFraud Corporate features ensure that businesses are protecting their company and business relationships. When the legitimacy and integrity of a company and their partners is assured, then everyone from the partners to the end user can respect and trust the business they are using.

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