Safeguarding Pharmaceutical and other Controlled Substance Transactions

It’s health care open enrollment time. Health care options depend on the consumer and their eligibility, which may include a company sponsored plan, government funded plan or purchasing through the Health Care Marketplace. There are a variety of factors in choosing the best medical plan for a person or a family; however, a major decision maker for people and companies may be prescriptions. A more cost-effective option tends to be getting prescriptions shipped directly to a consumer’s home. Therefore, companies and consumers have to be cautious when dealing with pharmaceuticals online to avoid potential fraudulent situations. 


Pharmaceutical companies can face a lot of risks regarding identity authentication when they need to ship products to consumers personally or pharmacies. It is essential in both cases that companies assure that they are sending the products to be delivered to the correct person and location. Companies may need assistance with confirming delivery locations, verifying a customer’s age, processing controlled substance transactions and more. In an effort to help safeguard the pharmaceutical industry and its customers against fraud, EVS offers a product suite to assist with identity authentication and verification needs.

Three EVS tools that pharmaceutical companies should use, include:

Residence verification and history—business-to-consumers (B2C) businesses can assure that pharmaceutical drugs are delivered to the person they are claiming to be online. EVS does this through matching data points to the specific person, which includes everything from phone numbers to street addresses and any change of addressees.

Age verification—when dealing with controlled substances it is crucial for businesses to ensure the customer’s age is correct before doing business with them.

Authentication Question Generator—in asking unique questions that only the specific person would know, a business can easily detect a fraudster and build consumer confidence. Long-term this helps businesses save money and maintain their reputation.

The following tools and other EVS products assist businesses in safeguarding data and maintaining trust with customers. 


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