Securing e-Commerce From Identity Theft

Ecommerce websites can be a vulnerable place for
transactions if the proper solutions arent implemented. As consumers become
more dependent on their wireless devices and mobile
, fraudsters will continue launching identity theft attacks that
are both sophisticated and hard to detect. We are seeing a trend today where
large companies arent being proactive in protecting their customer information
from identity thieves. Most businesses already heavily rely on the speed and
convenience ecommerce offers consumers while reaping the benefits of each
transaction. But for all its ease and opportunity, ecommerce does present

of e-commerce security

Most systems are standardized all over the world, every
fraudster knows exactly what information they must steal in order to
impersonate someone (name, address, credit card number, expiration date,
security code, phone number, email) and consumers are always required to
transmit this information in ecommerce, allowing a constant window for
information to be stolen. Ecommerce security is important to users, banks and
credit card companies. Implementing a system for securing personal and
financial identity should always be top priority. Identity and age
verification solutions
can provide a safe and cost-effective way to
overcome the challenges and approve more orders in less time.

There are no easy answers or solutions to identity theft. It
is a problem that will be around for a long time. As technology keeps improving, identity thieves are constantly finding new
ways to sabotage and exploit private and confidential information. We are here
with the ultimate goal of helping you become more knowledgeable in protecting
your information. Identity verification and authentication solutions allow you
the opportunity to be proactive and keep your system secure. Why not get ahead
of the fraudsters now, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself as much
as possible.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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