States Relying More on Driver’s License Verification

Whether its a battle for immigration laws or the criteria
for possessing a concealed weapon, states across the nation seem to have one
thing in commondrivers licenses. While these varying issues all present
different obstacles and political opinions, they all rely on drivers licenses
being a way to verify someones identity. This has been an issue the United
States has been battling for many years and many states are finally starting to
rely on these documents as a source for things other than operating a vehicle.
As many citizens already do, people typically use their divers license as
their main source of identification.
This has never been an issue until our needs as a country changed. We
now live in country were people are from all over the world and dont
necessarily have or need a drivers license. So this is why relying on them as
a means of identification is becoming such as pressing issue. And while we at EVS have no political opinion
about immigration or gun control on a state level, we do see a different
security issue at hand drivers
license verification

So lets say, hypothetically, states start relying more on
drivers licenses as the defining document of identification, for whatever
reason. Two major events will piggyback off this concept. First, drivers licenses will become a hot
commodity not only to those using it correctly but also for those who plan to
use them maliciously. Fake IDs will
become the hottest item on the black market for identity thieves and
fraudsters. The more we rely on drivers licenses as a point of access, the
more consumers and businesses will value them.
The second issue at hand is that while the states may be looking into
more ways to utilize drivers licenses as a form of identification, have they
been looking into ways to verify the drivers license? Verifying
a drivers license
is already a very complex process and the more we rely
on them to verify ourselves, the more fraudsters will do to try to break this
system. A simple check, scan, and hologram check may not be enough to get past
the tactics fraudsters will develop. If the states are going to start requiring
this form of identification to allow certain rights and/or privileges to
citizens, the federal government needs to have a secure way to verify these
documents BEFORE these new laws take place. There are identity thieves out
there as we speak waiting for these laws to be settled so they can plan their
next attack. And while these issues vary from state to state, the issue for verification
affects the entire nation regardless of what is settled.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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