The National Football League Has Kicked Off and Now Businesses Must Intercept Fraudsters in Fantasy Games

The National Football League (NFL) is back into its regular season. Along with the popularity of watching football, super fans typically participate in fantasy leagues with their friends, which are hosted online or through sites where people can join a pool of people that they do not even have to know. Fantasy sport games are not limited to just professional football with others participating in baseball, basketball, etc. Although fantasy games are popular with various sports, fantasy football wins the most points from fans with opportunities on sites from CBS to Fan Duel.

For consumers, there are risks involved with online gambling, whether it is with the specific sites or with sharing information online. However, there are also risks involved for businesses regarding online gaming. Businesses that offer online gaming need to assure that underage participation does not occur, that they are compliant under federal regulation, protecting against fraud and more. 

Since there are questions regarding the legitimacy of online gaming sites, it is essential for businesses to implement identity verification. EVS offers a suite of products for businesses to help prevent fraud and that can be highly useful for online gaming businesses, which can include age verification, authentication question generator and the OFAC Watch List Screening. 

All of EVS’ products work together in order to protect businesses and their customers. In this industry, age verification is crucial to protect a business from legal issues, while the authentication question generator and the OFAC Watch List Screening protect customers, which ultimately affects a business in a positive way.

As the NFL season continues and the other sports and online games proceed, it is important for customers to be cautious and for businesses to be proactive in safeguarding information, protecting against fraudsters and in being transparent in the risks involved in online gaming.

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