VaaS Improving the Cloud Process

As many consumers and business owners may know, a lot of
online business and data management is moving to the cloud. While the concept
of this technology was once scrutinized for security purposes, many major
corporations in the US and around the world are now heavily accepting it. The
ironic thing is, the very reason why the cloud was so scary, is actually one
of the reasons why it is doing so well today. Security of online data storage
has advanced so much that now tangible databases seems to have more issues with
security breaches and hackings. Storing personal information may be useful in
some instances, but in many cases once sensitive information.

One of the reasons why EVS provides the best identity
verification and authentication is because of this cloud-like
technology. While some companies are just catching on, EVS has been using
this process and is constantly improving it. When we process our real-time
identity verification the results are returned and then never stored for later
recall. This helps to ensure that the information being processed is secure and
less likely to leak, be hacked, or be vulnerable to attacks. This function also
keeps our clients from paying for extra functionality or other transactions;
they will also only pay for the transactions they consume. EVS can help ensure
safer business for your consumers and lower costs for you company. Contact us
today to learn more about Fraud Prevention Solutions.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]

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